Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Two Doors Down

So, it's 1.12am in the morning and I've only JUST decided to start writing my own blog. This is after reading sooo many amazing stories, reviews, general babble and amazing photographs on blogger...the internet's amazing ent it? 

I started a blog about a year ago, taking photos of clothes I'd just bought and little trinkets, soo after about 10 posts I got bored and didn't return to it...this one I intend to write in more regularly and about something a bit more interesting...keeping in consideration this is about my life, and something interesting may never happen! But you never know...!

I've also got a ridiculous blog formed from my first year at uni, but that was for studying purposes and for my lecturer to grade, I've changed my course now so that isn't useful to me at all any more. Haa, I guess so many websites and blogs are created and abandoned in a matter of weeks! 
This blog's going to be different, because for the first time I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm going to use it for...but for now, it's going to be my diary, a secret diary that no one even knows about yet. Which is kind of oddly thrilling ha!

And if someone does eventually read this, and you're wondering what my blog titles mean, I've basically got my iTunes constantly on shuffle, so whatever song I'm listening to will be the title of each blogpost. If you're thinking I'm some indie kid trying to be cool, you've got me wrong, I'm definitely just too lazy to be bothered to think up some philosophical meaning to each blogpost title. 

So that's me!


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