Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Just on another 3 hour break from work until I go back tonight, completely buzzing because I only have 3 DAYS LEFTTTT. Cannot wait to finish there and go on a well-earned bender in Cheltenham...should be good!
Had an hilarious family eating lunch today in the pub, so chavvy, one of them was wearing his Man U shirt to lunch with such pride. He proceeded to answer his phone every 10 minutes with his mate telling him the football score.
Couldn't help but chuckle to myself watching his Mum rolling her eyes at him everytime he shouted down the phone and then annouced the score to the table.
Bless them.

You see some of the funniest things working in many little things people say make me laugh. For example there was an older couiple today, having lunch, and having a chat about the night before, the blokey was convinced they had a late night. Saying 'it were about 10 o clock when I fell asleep with the lights on! can't believe i lasted that long, good enit?' along with his really strong wiltshire accent, it just sounded hilarious, when his wife was just full of enthusiasm, 'mm, your dinner!' ahahah. So funny.

If you ask any one of my friends you'll know that I have a weird thing about old people, I absolutely LOVE them. They're lovely, and nutty, and angry at everything!
Every one of them is different, they're either the loveliest person like you'll ever meet and treat you like you are their grandchild. Or babbling to pidgeons on the street. Or just so angry at everything they can't even crack a smile. I love them all. :) My favourite kind are old couples that are still so in love, still holding hands after god knows how many years, I hope I'm like that when I'm old and decrepid.



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