Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shine On

Where do I start about my two little brothers...both in themselves, con artists and wind-up merchants.
We're all three years apart, so I am 20, Liam is 17 and Jack is 14...so it's a bit awkward when getting along well together because we're not so close in age that we quite understand each other's moodswings etc. But we generally share the same stupid sense of humour that helps us get along!

Liam is one of the most frustrating people I have ever met in the whole wide world, no. Universe! His moodswings are like no other, and he can flip at the touch of a button. He honest-to-God scares the bejeeebas out of me sometimes, but for some reason I'm the only one that can calm him down when he's in a rage. My Mum once told me my Dad said 'I can't wait for Alex to get back from uni...she's so calm and chilled all the time, it makes the atmosphere in the house a lot more bearable' ahah, he would never say that to my face but it was appreciated through word-of-mouth!
Back to Liam, yes...he's a complete raging lunatic at times, and scares us all with his 'will he, won't he' temperament. But if he wasn't like that, he wouldn't be Liam, his personality is outrageous and hilarious and I wouldn't change him for the world. I love how he can twist any little word you say into an arguement and blow tiny arguements into enooormous blow-outs. It's great to be around a bit of drama yanno, and he is my little bit of drama! Liam is the middle kiddie, so there is an obvious stereotype there but he doesn't mean to do as he does, and only his family know that. He's incredibly vulnerable and loving, just deep deep deep down inside, and I know he would do anything for anyone he loves. He and Jack can make me laugh like no other.

And Jack....well, I actually do not know where to start, he is an absolute nutjob. And everyone that has ever met him would know this. He's random, and eccentric and so different to every one else, I love that about him. His hair completely defines him, it's long, messy and he will NEVER EVER have it cut by professionals, absolute nightmare! But Jack wouldn't be Jack without a huge mane of hair sticking out in every direction possible.
There is never a day when Jack isn't hyper and mental, making some kind of weird noise or facial expression, it's hilarious to watch and provoke. We sometimes say he could probably have tourettes and we'd never know because we just laugh at his randomness, because it's all just put on. He's also hilariously funny and is the comedian of the family, making everyone laugh and family dinners, especially Christmas! He could watch ANY Lee Evans stand up comedy show and know every single word off by heart because he just watches him over and over again...it's oddly obsessive haha! Bless.

The realisation that I love them both to pieces is MAHUUUSIVE after writing this haha...

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