Saturday, 18 September 2010

Look For Me

OH ANDDD, yesterday my cousin came to stay...he's in the army and is based in Germany, but is on a course in Warminster at the moment so he's staying here at the weekends. Always nice to have him back, he's like an older brother to me, and best mates with my younger brother, so it's nice that Liam can spend some time with him.
Anyhoo, he told me (after about 10 minutes of being with him) that his fiance is 12 weeks late! (period duh!) Usually I'd be shitting myself for him, but I was geniunely happy and excited at the prospect of him becoming a Dad...he'd make an amazing Dad, and he really wants kids! So I hope it works out...
Also, he told me that if they are to have children, Nick is to pick the Godmother and Trisha, his fiance, is to pick the Godfather. So he told me that I would be his first choice Godmother. I nearly welled up, but kept it together, punched him in the arm and told him that it was amazing!
Who was I kidding? I was over the moon!


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