Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Something Special

I'm not too sure of the maximum/minimum number of words a blogpost should be, and I don't think there actually is one, which is nice not having to create an upload of crap just to hit a target, much like a lot of my assignments for university.

I'm at University in Winchester, and I have absolutely, head over heels, fallen in love with this place and the people. It's an amazing city and so beautiful, as are the people I have met there!
In my first year I decided to study Journalism and Events Management...the latter I love, but the Journalism side of the course I hated so so so much, I had a lecturer that just mumbled and always looked like he had just rolled out of bed and had a shot of whiskey...he probably had come to think of it.
In Journalism, there were two lecturers, and they couldn't be more different, one was the one that I just described to you...and the other a gorgeous older Irish man, known as 'hot irish lecturer' who just mesmerized me by his voice (although I still wasn't listening properly ha!) I don't know any girl that isn't a sucker for the Irish accent, and it just meltttted me, honestly couldn't help falling a little bit in love with my lecturer and have some wicked fantasies! Haha, I joke I joke!
Before I get carried away I'll carry on, it was evident from the start that there was a huge divide in our lecture group, so evident in fact that we sat on different sides of the room, so hilarious to watch where people would go and sit. There was the left side of the room, that included myself and my best friend. This side was the side that, honestly, couldn't give a shit about Rousseau and his silly philosophies. We'd spend the whole lecture drawing silly pictures and those love calculation thingies. You know the ones, the calculation thingie you would do in year 6 in PRIMARY school ha! Like this;

Alexandra Shipman
Hot Irish Guy Lecturer
Count the L's, O's, V's, E's and S' and equal them to how much you love each other in a percentage ;) hahah!
Gosh I love a bit of that game. More entertaining than the history of CRAP. Or philosophy to others.

Anyway, the other side of the room, consisted of people that just bugged the hell out of me, the kind of people that will laugh at the lecturer's jokes...when they weren't the slightest bit funny. They'd sit so close to the front their noses would be touching the lecturer's penis...they probably liked it. (both parties)
AND, the worst thing of all about these people, is that when the lecturer FINALLY says 'right that's it for today, does anyone have any questions?' there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS one twit that will put their hand up and ask the stupidest question known to man. Making everyone groan in pain, as you sit back into your chair and wait for their silly question to be answered so that you can leave.
Why is there always 1 nitwit that decides to ruin your day?


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