Saturday, 25 September 2010

Shine A Light

Not written for a while, not been around really, had work monday-wednesday...was going to pack everything for uni in between my shifts but my immune system decided to fail so I spent the time I had not at work, in bed. Exciting stuff. But then on thursday I manned up and went to cheltenham for a messy night out with my best friend and her uni mates. Got back today (saturday) and am about to get ready for my other best friend's 21st birthday partttyy. Bit excited to say the least, wish everyone else was as 'up for it' as I am...b'ah well. We'll see what happens won't we :) 
I hope I'm not the only one that may as well get battered. Seeing as tomorrow I am packing my whole bedroom up and moving back down to Winch (excited much??!?!)
Havn't packed a thing and I'm going tomorrow, what a failure. Oh well, will be a fun day...

Can't wait to celebrate tonight with some fizz, making some shapes and cry laughing :) I can expect that.
Happy Birthday my darling Beth (even though you won't read this)


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