Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Realllyyy enjoying this blogging malarkey, it's quite nice having something to do with my day other than staring at a blank screen just WAITING to get back to uni, only 11 days left, and counting.
Don't get me wrong, I love home, but it's been the best part of 4 months and full-time work is beginning to grate on me. Who am i kidding 'beginning..' haha!  It's been the worst part about summer, unwanted stress and silly little girls begging for attention off the nearest person. Or should I say girl. Not naming names, I've never hated someone so much in allllll my 20 years haha.

Maybe I should talk you through my not-so-eventful summer...
I finished uni towards the end of June and decided with everyone from uni that we were going to see each other regularly and go to festivals and a week away in you do...none of it happened! The four of us are studying events management but couldn't actually plan anything if we tried. We have some amazing ideas for us to go out and do, but we never actually get round to doing them haha. Useless some might say!
So...we have basically spoken every single day throughout the summer and have organised to book a week in Newquay, but we never actually got around to doing that either so we didn't go, but we say we're going to do it ALL next year ;)! We shall see if our organising skills improve somewhat.
I started working from the beginning of July at the pub I've worked at since I was 14/15. It's an incredibly cushty job, and I'm not the first to admit it, the hours can be a bit shit but when you want a day off here and there, you get it, which is a lot to say for a 30-hrs-a-week kind of job.
The reason it's cushty for me is because it's just around the corner and I get £6 an hour for having a bit of a laugh with some mates!
Well, that's how it started off anyway, I knew everyone from when I was back working there at Easter, and that helped a lot as we all got on. Plus, one of my best mates from the previous times I'd worked there was back full time for good, which was good, as we get on so well and can have a laugh together constantly. So that was an extra bonus!
After a few weeks it started to crumble (not my friendship with this guy, Cheffy Jim, shall we call him?) but the actual working thing.
I work with the most attention-seeking little bitch you could ever meet, using any excuse she could in the books to shed a tear and get ANY ONE to sympathize for her, I'm not going to lie, I fell for it once or twice myself in the beginning until it started to bug me.
How can any one be that selfish? Bringing their horrendous home life into a working situation where everyone just wants to come, work, have a laugh and go home without any attachments.
After a few weeks, she really started to bug me, and a lot of others, it was going around that she was telling a lot of lies and bedding a lot of guys that she shouldn't of. I won't go any further into that but you get the jist I'm sure.

She was living with one of my mates Louise who also worked with us all, and they got a long just fine until the cracks began to show, and Louise started getting as equally pissed off as me at her eratic behaviour, for example, one day she would be your best friend and the next, not say a single word to you. That kind of thing pisses me off no end, complete fake.

So to conclude in her silly little behaviour, one night she was asking constantly to leave early from work, she was tired, I was tired, we were all bloody tired. In the end she had to ask us all if it was okay, I didn't say a word and just walked off so she left any way. After she left me and Louise kicked up a fuss to the other Chef, Nicky. Nicky then decided she let Becky go because Becky was bugging her so much she just wanted her out of her face, which I completely understood. But then annoyances just came to the surface with a lot of people and we would not back down. Later that night I was speaking to Louise on facebook and we were having a complete bitch about what a knob she was etc...couldn't get enough of venting my problems with her, and in the end set a status about how annoyed I was, as did Louise.  Thinking nothing of it, I left it and went to bed, the next day I had a wake up call from Nicky telling me Louise had walked out of work and had quit because the bosses were accusing her of bullying.
They had been on mine and Louise's facebooks and taken what we had said and blown it out of proportion, as soon as I got into work that day, I too got a talking to from the bosses and was fuming. I didn't say a word though, I kept my head down, apologised and went back to work, after all, I was desperate for the money and couldn't give it up, however much I wanted to.
They accused me of being a bully, and said it was obvious to them that this was about a certain member of staff. The day went on and I was getting increasingly annoyed.
Annoying little cretin girl came in and made a fuss by crying in the kitchen, I just kept my back to her and didn't say a word, she obviously knew what we had said. But who can blame us? It was only the truth, and I still don't regret it to this day.
Later that day I was told to have a 'chat' with annoying little cretin girl to 'clear the air' or whatever. We sat down together, I told her some hometruths, she cried, I felt bad, as I always do -- although I know I shouldn't of, which annoyed me further. I told her exactly what I thought of her, and she explained what a hard life she had, which I admit she has had, but to milk it THAT much. It was nothing to do with her 'hard life', it was about HER, and her shitty little attitude towards everyone. That's what pissed me off the most. I don't get on with people that believe they're better than others because they have the sympathy vote. Nasty, but so so so true.
I gave her a hug, and that was that. Although til very recently, we've bared each other and had chats and had a bit of a laugh. But nothing's never the same is it?
I was annoyed that she was the reason Louise didn't have a job (Louise also kicked her out of her house, which was totally understandable, I don't know how she lasted that long with her in her house). And I was annoyed that she was still getting attention for being a little brat. I was, and still am very bitter about what happened.
I've recently been told that my bosses have used evidence from MY facebook page and have sent it to Louise's lawyers to prove we were 'bullying' in the workplace. When the pub or the person were not even mentioned. I wasn't told they were doing this, and still havn't been told, Nicky was the one to tell me all about it and that just pissed me off even further...but I didn't do anything about it. Correct me if I'm wrong but surely they cannot do that and get away with it? It's unjust and invading someone's privacy.
A few weeks later a girl I used to work with YEARS ago has come back to work at the pub, (this is like last week, it's that recent) she's a good mate and I trust her and her judgement. She doesn't like cretin from what she has heard about her and what she knows about her now. She told me cretin has been telling her that she 'doesn't know whether to trust Alex' (me). Charlie (the new but old girl) told me all about it, thank God, and I havn't been able to speak to cretin since. I think if I speak to her I'll actually scream and shout at her, she deserves everything she got from us and I don't regret a thing. Anyday now I'll probably get dragged up to the office and asked why I am not talking to cretin, because she confides to the bosses about us ALL the time. So we end up getting the blame, and they do nothing but stick up for her...UGHHH. So when that time comes, I have 9 days left there, I'm not exactly going to stay!

I think it's safe to say I won't be going back there in the future...however easily accessible it is pour moi!


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