Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Radar Detector

10 minutes later and I'm already addicted to writing to no one, it's pretty exciting...nat.
But anyway, sitting in bed at home makes me want to tell you all (no one) about my pretty nutty family.

So firstly, my closest family are obviously the nutters that I am living with, the first being my beautiful Mum, who is also one of my best friends; we're weirdly similar (in looks and personalities) and any one that meets me that is friends with my Mum feels like they HAVE to tell me how similar we look, so I either look older than I should or it's a huge compliment to my Mum...probably the latter haha.
My Mum is one of those people that will go out of her way for any one, even if she didn't know them very well, and she is the person that everyone will go to for any kind of advice. She's a bit of a Princess Di hah! She'd smother me in kisses if she ever read this, I obviously don't say all of this to her face, that would be weird. But she knows I love her of course.
She has the same sense of humour as me and is also a bit slow at getting any jokes, admittedly like me too...we obviously prefer not to take life too seriously ;) well that's our excuse anyway.
Out of all my friends, I have never known any of them have a relationship with their Mum the way I do with mine, she's my absolute rock, at times she doesn't even realise she's helping just by being herself and that is what I love about her.

Moving on from my Mum, is my lovely Dad...(well sometimes grumpy/lovely Dad) but you know, they're all like that aren't they? My Mum and Dad are the most perfect couple I have ever known...even more perfect than Noah and Allie (The Notebook, obv) they reeeally amaze me sometimes, when they argue, it's the most hilarious thing, because after about 5 minutes they're laughing about something else. This post is making me miss them immensely because they're on holiday in St Lucia for their belated honeymoon (20 years belated might I add!) And it's all my fault ha! They didn't manage to go on a honeymoon because I was only a few months old after their wedding, so they're doing it now, and good for them! They definitely deserve the break from us, and even I can admit that haha.
Me and my Dad have always been a bit off and on, we're either best mates and laughing together at jokes, or shouting at each other because he's wound me up innocently about something (he knows just how to piss me off....as do my brothers ugh!) but the one thing we can mainly agree on is MUSICCC. We're both huuuge lovers of music and have the same tastes in a lot of bands/singers. We went to see U2 together (I stole my Mum's ticket mwahaha) when I was...about 15? I can't actually remember what year it was, but I'll always remember how amazingly happy my Dad was at the gig, and it was actually the first time we'd gone out and done something together that we both enjoyed and it's a lovely memory to have!


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