Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Wow, very long blogpost, probably bored you half to death but that was the majority of my summer, great huh?
And now you know why I want to go back to uni so much, when I say it to my mum she looks at me as if to say 'Oh whyyyy?' :( but it has nothing to do with home or the's just to do with getting away from my shitty job haha. She should know that, I vent most with her!

Another amazing part of this summer has to be my best friends, they complete me, literally! If I didn't see any of them atleast once a week I'd go insane. 
Atleast once a week, or at a stretch two weeks, we have got together and had a few too many tipples.
They make me laugh like a loon on loon tablets and I love them very very very much.
Jenny is my best of best friends, we're so similar it's scary sometimes, like we can finish each others sentences and know how each other are going to react to different things. 
Our facebook wall-to-wall is full of links to things we both adore, for example, men, mcfly, cute photos and videos etc...and also full of private jokes and quotes from nights we've got drunk and acted insania. 
It's so lovely having best friends that you can just be yourself around and never have to watch what you're saying. Our sense of humour is identical and we know how to make each other rofl even just chatting on the internet or texting! We're soooo odd, but it suits us well haha. We've nearly known each other for like 10 years...when we hit that date we're going to have an anniversairy party ;)!
Other bestest friend is Mouse, we became good friends in year 11 and throughout sixth form when there was a little group of us. Our group consisted of; me, Jen, Mouse, Fi, Beth and Jess...and a lesbian that followed sometimes. We used to cause havoc in the common room and skip lessons we didn't fancy going to. 
'The Alley' is my favourite past time, this is where we'd go and smoke our lungs out between lessons and even during ones we're supposed to be of our English teachers even used to come and join us. We spurred each other on with smoking I think because we all did it, we all just carried on. 
And it was when we'd all get together at lunch and have a good laugh about something.
In the summer we used to go and lie on the field by the skate park just a bit further away from the school, skip the rest of our lessons for the day, get lunch, smoke, chat, and laugh about the most random things you could ever think of.
Our group were sort of in between the 'greebs' and the 'chavs' ahaha, that's what we like to think anyways. Inbetweeners if you please. 

Beth was the first of us all to pass her driving test and had a turqouise coloured little micra, it was heaven for us, we used to skip lessons, and go to subway, maccie d's, sainsbury's or pizza hut! Definitely had a blast in sixth form haha, we never really used to work very hard...and were always the ones getting screamed at by our head-of-years, Bolter and Kingan...giggling behind our books, I've never had so much fun!
We piled about 7 of us once in Beth's little car and managed to go to Chips n Ham and back without any injuries, we used to SCREAM, and I mean screeeeeam 'My Heart will go on' out of Beth's windows to passers by. So so so funny, we all reminiscse about it now! 
I used to cry with laughter every single day in sixth form. And whenever we get together now we still do, even remembering silly little things!

I like entertaining myself by remembering silly things


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