Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Black & Gold

I have a feeling this blog is just me rambling like an insane old lady remembering the 'good times' so I'll mix it up a bit and tell you a bit about yesterday and todayyy. 

So yesterday, it was vileee weather, so I decided to just have a dvd day with Smithy (my pooch...our pets are named after characters on Gavin & Stacey haha) 
We watched The Boat That Rocked, which has theee most amazing soundtrack ever, and the best cast! Such a good movie, and I realised that Tom from Mcfly's girlfriend Giovanna Falcone is in it! (If you havn't already guessed I'm a huge mcfly fan!)
Theeen I put on The Notebook, I swear I loaned it to someone ages ago and never had it back, that or, I can't find it in my shit pit I call a bedroom :). Such a good feel-good romantic movie, and probably a go-to for soooo many of us girls on a rainy day! 
Next was Nights In Rodanthe which I'd never seen before and reaaally wanted to see ages ago after seeing the trailer. It really didn't disappoint, it was suuuch a lovely movie, but had an unexpected sad ending which put a dampner on things! But seriously, older man; Richard Gere...phwoar! I don't know what it is, I think it's all the films he has been in just makes him irresistable to all women! Definitely a silver fox...once you get to know me, you'll find out I'm pretty much obsessed with men...HA. And I lust over sooo many celebrities!

I had work, which you already know I won't bore you with that, then on the way home from work I had a cheeky fag and phoned my friend Liam...well I say friend, but we're always a bit more than that...he's a lovely guy, with the temperament of a bull. Which if I'm honest, puts me off him a lot. But you know how girls say there is always that one guy that you go back to and that you always compare other guys with...he's like that. Well actually I have two guys like that, but he's always the one I go back to, and the one I can vent to and share anything with, I fell for him, he fell for me, we broke each other's hearts probably more than once, but we still end up telling each other we love each other in the end. At the moment it's a lovely relationship to have but at times it can be really straining. We're not together but at times he can get really jealous and pushes me away without realising it. But he is beginning to realise what he's doing and it isn't so often any more and he is a lot more chilled. It's just nice to have a guy there for support whenever I need him, he's there for me a lot and I appreciate it so much. 
Aftttter, I came home and watched 'This is England '86' - probably one of my favourites on television at the moment...joint with The Inbetweeners of course. The movie of This is England was a bit despressing and violent but this series is a lot more light-hearted, funny and endearing. It actually makes me want to go back to the 80's! The fashion, music and lifestyles are hilarious and outrageous! I love itttt.

& last night I started this horrideous blogging that has got me hooked, and no one's even reading it... :)


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