Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dangerously In Love

I always wonder why people would ever want to talk to me on msn/ responses are mostly just one word and lol or haha. or a smiley face. I literally don't have anything interesting to say unless it's on the phone or face-to-face. Unless I'm talking to Jen...we could talk for hours on the net....only because we rip the piss into any one we come across...or we reminise A LOT. Going through old comments on myspace is my absolute favourite thing to do when I'm bored, so hilarious how we all used to emos, then chavs, then somehow normal?!
Well I say normal...piss-head students. :)

I'm talking to this guy right this second, and he proceeds to tell me all about his day, not asking me a single question...this makes me even more quiet and 'cba'ish! That's the only way I can describe it to be honest. But he'll just carry on even I'm just saying 'okay' or 'yeah' or 'lol'. Idiot!

Anyhoo enough of venting to no one.
Just on my 3 hour break from work...working all weekend is making me want to jab something into my hand so that I don't actually have to do it. It's rank, and Cheffy Jim isn't there for a bit of bant. Ughhhh.
God I moan a lot, ah well. So does everybody else.

I ordered a dress the other day, and immediately felt guilty...that's what being a student does to  you. Money is like gold dust, and should be saved for drinking. Not dresses. But I thought I'd buy a new'un for my best friend Beth's 21st in a week. £40.00...but it's okay because I made that back in tips this week. That's the bonus of having a pub/restaurant job I suppose!

So next week, I'm supposed to squeeze; working, last night out with work lot, a few days in Cheltenham, packing and heading back to Winchester...not sure how I'm going to manage...should of finished work this week to be honest! But oh well, should be a hellllaaa fun week


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