Sunday, 9 January 2011


Haha my last post is so dark, please ignore it and let's move on.
I must have been in a bit of a dark place that night, I assure you that that is oooooooover.

Just had a slap in the face and felt sick for a couple of minutes and then I was like...I must blog.
Haha, weird feeling that. And weird that I actually went with my feelings for once and here I am, blogging. 
So yeah the thing was music man is going on a date on wednesday, and he felt the need to tell me. I'm not sure why? Maybe you could answer that for me.
But yeah all I said was 'cool'...what is he expecting? Bloody weird.

It's okay. 
It just made me feel sick for the best part of 2 minutes. 
And also made me want to write, so maybe it's a good thing? I have absolutely no idea...that's why I'm babbling. 

Sooo today has been so boring. I'm driving myself mad still being at home and still have a few more weeks.
I'll survive I'm sure.
So funny today, my cousin and her daughter came round to pick something up and her daughter, I'll call her princessface. Haha, because she really is a princess.
And well, princessface had decided to cut her own hair (she's 4).
So funny, I didn't even realise it at first because she has really curly hair, like ringlets, and it was just slightly shorter at the front. So when I asked her why she did it, she told me it was because she liked it shorter haha. 
Her mum (my cousin) an absolute nutter, was distraught haha. Could not stop laughing - bless her.  <3
It reminded me of when I was younger with one of my mum's friend's daughters. We decided to cut each other's hair. We were a right state, needless to say our mother's adored us for it. Naturally. Haha.

We got talking about old movies too, like movies you used to adore as a little girl.
Mine was always Curly Sue. I used to cry at the end and want to watch it again straight after it had ended. 
Still love it to this day. If you havn't seen it - do it now.

This mindless blogged has helped me to take my mind off music man.
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu blogger. 


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