Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I'd Like To Get To Know You Baby...

Merry one :) 
I still love writing this even though no one is reading it, although it would be nice to have a few anon readers who don't know me and vice versa. But the difficult thing is, I have absolutely no idea how to 'advertise' my blog to get some interest in what I am writing.
I'm not sure if it would be appreciated by any one or offer any one some comfort or empathisism. 
(If that's a word) 

I'm at home for Christmas at the moment and going completely insane. I havn't got a job over the holidays and havn't been able to get any where because of the snow and seeing family so cabin fever is kicking in!
I thought maybe writing on this every day from now on can be my small release from the house and the family secretly driving me crazy. You know what I mean!

I've been keeping myself busy with Grey's Anatomy and plenty of films. But Grey's is my main release.
It's amazing how emotionally involved you can become by just watching a television programme. I was the same with Brothers and Sisters. It's very odd. But if you watch it, you will probably know what I mean.
It's a huuuuge emotional rollarcoaster and I absolutely looooove it. I fully recommend it, I've been watching it from the first series online for like a year haha! But it's so worth it. I'm on the 6th series and watch atleast 2 episodes every night. Sad I know! But oh well, it's my love. 

So New Years is coming up and I'm thinking of New Years resolutions...
My number one resolution would obviously be blogging my often, maybe every day!
I've been watching a vlog by Shay Carl and 'The Shaytards' and it's so amazing and hooks you immediately, and he finds time in his day to film him and his family and upload it to youtube for his followers. So I'm thinking it must be even easier to write a few paragraphs every day and upload it for no one ;). So I will try my hardest!
Another resolution is to lose weight, I think I secretly promise myself this every single year, and never keep my own promise. So this year, I will share my weight loss on this blog. Just so I can see myself how far I can actually get and try to succeed! We'll see... fingers crossed.
Another resolution is to take my university work more seriously. I havn't been pushing myself and trying hard enough to succeed to get the grades that I need to move into the 3rd year of my degree. So I pledge to push myself harder and get the grade I deserve. 
Now this last one is odd, and I've been leaning more towards it over the past few weeks, and it's to find somebody to love. I even feel like a prick typing it, but I feel like I really need someone in my life that isn't a friend or family member. I need someone special in my life that I can tell absolutely anything to, and someone that I want to spend every waking minute with. It's odd to try and make a promise to myself that I will find somebody. Because obviously you can't push yourself to find that one person. But I want to atleast put myself out there to try and meet somebody that could potentially be important to me. It's also hard to think about because I'm one of those people that think's there is somebody out there for everybody, and everyone will eventually meet 'The One'. But I want this year to be my year. And I want to look back on this blog and believe I achieved everything I set out to do. Even if some of them don't go to plan.

So I guess we will see what 2011 will bring... 


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